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Recently, the kids & I got the chance to try out KIDBOX. I love shopping for the kids so this was a no brainer.

KIDBOX is a company that provides personalized style boxes that allows parents a convenient way to dress their kids in awesome brands while saving money! AMEN!

Instagram: @kidbox

What I loved about KIDBOX:

If you keep the whole box, you get to enjoy discounted pricing AND select a charity to help a child in need. Now that our kids are getting older and understand more, we are really trying to drill in the importance of volunteering and supporting various charities.

Instagram: @kidbox


What I didn't love about KIDBOX:

I took the style quiz and answered questions about different styles I like for my babies. Unfortunately, some of the styles that I don't like still ended up in their boxes. The quiz may not be to blame though....I'm a busy mom and not always operating on 100% battery. The plus side here is that there is FREE shipping & returns as well as the fact that you only get charged for what you keep.

Bottom line, I get tired of driving over to Old Navy or Nordstrom Rack to find cute clothes for cheap for anyone in our household. I like to feel like I'm stealing without actually doing it! I would totally try KIDBOX again and try different styles to see what shows up. I'm not a very good online shopper so the fact that different brands show up to my front door is so helpful with the hectic life stage we are in!

Instagram: @kidbox

Happy Shopping friends!




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