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Favorite Mom Products

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Back to school is in full effect in our household and I like it! Addison started Kindergarten a couple weeks ago and she is thriving! Always comes home with a yellow bee ticket which is given out to each student for good behavior. Once she receives ten yellow bee tickets, she gets to bring them all in for her teacher and get a prize. It’s very exciting! I signed up to be her “class mom” this year. It’s such a blessing to have a job where I can be this available for our children. Austin also started Preschool and is super excited to be going. We are so proud of him and his enthusiasm to be at school! Hopefully, this enthusiasm will soon bleed over into pooping on the potty and sleeping in his own bed. {This saga lives on my Instagram page daily}

Now that most everyone is getting back into full swing of things, I wanted to take the time to sit down and share a few of my “must haves” that I simply cannot live without. I won’t stop there either….several of my favorite companies gave discount codes for me to share with all of you, so keep reading!

Sash Bag

I cannot brag about this bag enough. I love that it is a cross body bag that is not too heavy and bulky. It comes in a ton of different styles as well as colors. This essential bag is filled with tons of pockets for organization. I know moms who wear it while driving…talk about convenience during the carpool pick up line!

You may remember the super cute brow leather, fringe one I took to Paris last year?

They recently sent me a cute purple bag along with one for Addison too so we could match! I’m happy to share the code DEANNA20 which is good for 20% off a one-time purchase. SCORE!


Before school started, we stocked up on a ton of new ZOLI kids’ products. Lunchboxes, backpacks, cups, thermos’…you name it! This is another company that we have loved since Addison was born. I’m pretty sure their sippy cup is the first one we transitioned her to after the bottle. They have lots of great colors to choose from for each product. Great quality stuff and they last a long time!

When shopping at ZOLI, use the code STAG15 for 15% off for the next 30 days! Get to shopping!

NYX butter gloss

People are always asking me on Instagram, “What brand of lip gloss are you wearing”?! So I am going to take a minute here because I have a hard time keeping up with my DM’s lately. This lip gloss is my go-to, every day, first choice, long lasting, & top gloss that I have used for years. I pretty much use the color TIRAMISU every single day. Sometimes I switch it up to use their ANGEL FOOD CAKE too. I keep about 7 tubes in my possession at all time; 1 for the purse, 1 for my work bag, 1 in my bathroom, 1 in my makeup bag, 1 on my nightstand...I don’t think you need me to keep going to understand my obsession. You can find NYX products at Target and Walmart. I have even lucked out and found a tube or two at Nordstrom Rack.

hello bello

I know I have shared a lot lately about hello bello. I really love this company and the products they make. Not to mention, they are sold at Walmart and super affordable! I switched from Pampers diapers to their brand of diapers because I found they were cheaper and I loved the adorable patterns on them. We have since started using their bubble bath, body wash, sunscreen, bug spray, vitamins, and antibacterial spray!

Mabel’s Labels

Ok, you guys have heard me brag about this company endlessly on social media. I LOVE these labels. We have been using them since Addison was born. I have a sick obsession with organizing and this just fuels my fire. I seriously put them on everything. I even have their clothing stamp! You won’t pick up a cup, lunchbox, or even a pair of shoes that aren’t labeled in our home. Check them out, you can thank me later.

To make it even more sweet, ANOTHER DISCOUNT CODE! Yay! My friends at Mabel’s Labels were kind enough to share a code so you all can feel my obsession.

Use code DEANNA15 for 15% off through the end of September.


Coffee is life. Amen. I don’t typically have more than one cup in a day so I like to drink good coffee! The second my eyes open in the morning, I am craving it! I have been drinking Vita Cup lately and I love it! I love that their coffee is infused with vitamins & superfoods! My favorite is their probiotic blend. I travel a lot for work so I feel like this keeps my gut in check. The genius blend is also delicious. It has a hint of cinnamon which I love!

Use code DEANNAP for 25% off!

Canary + Co

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you saw my awesome giveaway a couple weeks ago with Canary + Co. This company is run by women and those women are incredible! They have 3 really awesome bags, two of which I have! The Kiss-Me-Kit, the V.I. Pouch, & The Main Squeeze. These women care about sustainability, using an ethical factory, and donating to which brings education to women globally. I love it. These ladies were awesome and gave me a discount code to share with you for 10% off the Main Squeeze. My code is valid until 10/9. Use code deanna10. Enjoy!

I love following Instagram pages and blog’s that share products they love because a lot of times, they are new to me. So, I hope you all will enjoy these products that I love along with some discount codes for savings!




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