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Addison's BIG Girl Room

Big Girl. Two words that I just didn't think would happen so quickly! I remember people telling me that it would go by fast but, I underestimated what that would look like when Addison was born. My tiny baby angel. I imagined she would stay that way forever.

We bought a new house about 6 months ago. When we moved in, Addison asked if she could have a bigger bed. And here I thought she would sleep in her crib forever! I realized that my baby wasn't much of a baby anymore.

We decided to update Addison's room to a "big girl" room. I thought I would be decorating it the way that I wanted. I had visions of painting her room, changing the color scheme, and couldn't wait to stack her bed with throw pillows! Addison had a different plan. I was honestly a little surprised at how much of an opinion she had! I was super proud of her for stating what she wanted in her new room.

Addison helped me pick out her new bed. We chose the Aurora Youth Bed from Evolur. She loved the ribbon detailing on the headboard and I love that it has a trundle bed for sleepovers! Win-Win! I found the super cute blush pink bedding at HomeGoods! I love a cheap find!

I also wanted to create a space where Addison could have "quiet time". She doesn't nap anymore {Sad day, I know} so, I really wanted her to have a space where she could relax, read books, or play dollies. I searched Canopies and reading nooks endlessly on Pintrest. Side note, how did we ever survive before Pintrest?! I didn't want to take up too much space in her room so we eventually chose to buy a canopy. It worked perfectly in a corner in her room. Addison picked out the White Sequin Bed Canopy by Pillowfort at Target. She loves that it sparkles! I picked up a bunch of over-sized pillows at Marshal's and HomeGoods to stack in the floor for her to sit on.

All Photos by Lily Ro Photography

All Photos by Lily Ro Photography

All Photos by Lily Ro Photography

Over the years, our book collection has really grown! When Addison was born, I had a few neatly stacked in a wooden crate. Over time, the stack got larger and over flowed into the floor. I really wanted to find a shelf to display them on her walls. Surprisingly enough, the shelves on her walls were my toughest decision! I ended up going with these gray Wallniture Denver floating shelves. They came as a set of 4 and were super inexpensive on amazon!

All Photos by Lily Ro Photography

Addison is a little scared of the dark so the folks at Little Belle Nightlights sent her the adorable Fairy House Nightlight in blush pink and gold. And y'all know I'm from the south and us southerners love to monogram everything! I had to add at least one letter "A" somewhere in Addison's new room! I chose the Blush Flower Letter by Little Sparrow Co. These look adorable on top of her dresser.

All Photos by Lily Ro Photography

All Photos by Lily Ro Photography

Lastly, when we moved in, the previous owners had an adorable drop light in the room. It was so cute but, we were constantly banging our heads on it! It also didn't quite put off a lot of light and I really wanted to brighten up Addison's bedroom. My manly man, Stephen, switched out the old light with the Grazia Three-Light Double Drum Convertible Ceiling Fixture from Linea Lighting. I love how it looks and I really love how bright her room is now!

All Photos by Lily Ro Photography

I love how Addison's big girl room turned out! It's so bright and pink...her favorite color! I'm no interior decorator but, I sure am proud of what we created together! Most of all, Addison loves her room and loves being in there!


DeAnna (and Addison)

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Sep 18, 2018

Love love. My 4 year old is getting a big girl room in our new house. We move soon and I am struggling w the right grey. Pls share paint color. They are painting Friday and I still don't have a color! How do they grow so fast?

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