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Working On My Melasma

I have been very open about my struggle with melasma. The dark spots are so frustrating and for me, the melasma started after my first pregnancy.

I googled Melasma & Wikipedia says: Melasma is a tan or dark skin discoloration and that it is "also known as the mask of pregnancy". One of the many perks woman may experience with pregnancy. When I get to Heaven, I think I would like to discuss this with God.

Photo by Amanda Pfau

I don't consider myself an insecure person. I like my thighs. Even the extra belly fat is totally cool with me....mostly because I'd rather enjoy food than, well, not. For some reason though, these dark spots have really gotten to me. They even got worse when I was pregnant with Austin. Plus, the more I am in the sun {I LOVE THE SUN} they get so much darker. Ugh.

After being insecure about it and feeling like I constantly had to wear makeup to mask my "mustache", I finally chose to do something about my dark spot issue.

I started seeing my local dermatologist to have regular facials and microdermabrasions. Both of which are supposed to help decrease the sign of melasma. I wanted to start with baby steps as I am always apprehensive about getting too drastic with treatments of any kind.

Recently, Dr. Dennis Gross sent me their new Clinical Grade IPL Dark Spot Correcting Serum.

I hate social media because of this, but I feel like I have to state......Dr. G is not paying me for this post. Period.

I have seen Dr. Dennis Gross products at Sephora before, but I have never tried anything until now. Mostly because I am desperate, I am willing to try anything. So when I received this new serum, I was glad to be a guinea pig for a reputable company.

Photo by Amanda Pfau

The serum ingredients are 10% L-ascorbic acid, Lactic acid, Kojic acid, and Arbutin. The benefits clearly state that the product diminishes visible discoloration, reduces the appearance of sun spots, age spots, dark patches, prevents future discoloration, and brightens and smooths complexion. Half of that stuff I cannot even pronounce, but at this point...I'll take it.

I'm going to do a 30 day challenge. I will try this product for 30 days to see if my dark spots really change. Even if they lighten up, I'll take it. I will be sure to post photos for you all to see. More importantly, I will be honest.

Wish me luck. Or prayers. Or anything really...I just want to get rid of my mustache.



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Joie Fatale
Joie Fatale
Oct 24, 2023

know it’s now 2023: did this work though?! I have the SAME issue and am hating my face because of it !

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