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The Bachelorette: Biggest Reunion of All Time

The wait is over! I hope you all got to catch The Bachelorette special that aired on ABC last night. We have been hyping this up for weeks now! I started mine off last week with a whirlwind trip to New York City to be on Good Morning America with some of my favorite women from the show. I was exhausted and sleep deprived, but man it felt good to do it all again!

I loved the special last night. We filmed here at our home a few weeks ago so I was so excited to see what the producers would show!I feel so much pride and joy seeing my sweet babies on television. As any parent can relate, they are my greatest gift! One part that they didn't show was a bit with my girlfriends and sister in laws. I had them all for wine and appetizers as we let our kids run wild. Austin was pretty much on his own group date! It was so cute. I'm bummed they decided to cut it out.

Being back at the mansion with all of The Bachelorette's really was a love fest. I was so excited to see some of the women whom I have had the chance to build a real friendship with. I was also excited to meet Becca, Jojo, and Rachel all of which I have never met before. We shared stories about our time as The Bachelorette, laughed about the fashion that was chosen for us, mistakes that were made, and even had a good laugh about some of the guys who were on the various past seasons. All while having way too much wine! Woof!! This mama paid for it the next day. I am definitely not 25 years old anymore, but I must have felt like I was being in that mansion again!

In all seriousness, I wasn't always proud of my time spent as The Bachelorette. I went through a very public breakup...there's a youtube video to prove it and I felt very jaded by that. Most of it went on behind closed doors and I have made a conscious effort to keep those details to myself because I feel like some things should stay in private. You go on this roller coaster of emotions where everyone builds you up to be the most eligible woman in America and then as soon as the show is done, you are washed aside for the next person. It was difficult to maneuver through my pride and emotions. It honestly took me several years to be grateful for my time on the show.

I am thankful to have spent the day there at the famous Bachelor Mansion. I was joyful. I love these women so much. How cool that there are only 15 of us! We share a story individually unique to each of us, but are connected by it all the same. Trista is as sweet and kind as you think she is. Kaitlyn Bristowe is as funny and awesome as she comes off on her instagram and podcast. Andi Dorfman is a girls, girl and I have always loved her for that....she will go down fighting!I loved getting to know sweet and humble about her time on the show. Jojo is as stunning in person as she is in her Instagram posts. And kind. I hope she wants to come over for a slumber party soon. Ali, Rachel, Ashley....all strong, powerful, and funny! Jillian Harris will make you pee your pants with laughter! She has a heart of gold and I am thankful to call her a friend. Desiree is pretty much my sister wife. I have so enjoyed getting to know her over the years! She is good people y'all. Emily and I share a special bond as we weirdly share Brad Womack. I have loved getting to know her more and more every time I see her. Strong, kind, Christian woman and she is just as sweet in person. It was even a special treat getting to see Molly and Jason Mesnick...two people that I adore!

I am there now. Grateful. Grateful in a lot of places in my life. I walked into that mansion over 10 years ago feeling desperate to be loved. A few weeks ago, I walked into that mansion as a confident woman who has found herself in this life....and fully loved. I feel really fulfilled and complete with that.




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