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Stitches by Natalie

If I’m being really honest, I am not very sentimental. It’s something that I’ve always wished I was better at being as a wife and mom. My iPhone is busting the storage limits with photos and videos of my kids. I have some old photos of my mom somewhere shoved into a box. I have a stack of papers in my garage from Addison’s last two years in preschool that I simply don’t know what to do with. Do I just shove them in a box to prove that I kept them for sentimental value? Or do I throw them away because let’s be real, is Addison going to want any of this stuff when she grows up?!

I also saved certain pieces of clothing and baby blankets from when both of my little babes were born. They were shoved into the back of a drawer and I refused to let Addison or Austin touch them so they wouldn’t mess them up. I just didn’t know what to do with them.

A friend of mine introduced me to Stitches by Natalie. Natalie takes precious keepsakes and transforms them into keepsakes that I can save for years! I was so thrilled that Natalie wanted to work with me! The process was super easy! I just chose what kind of animal I wanted and then attached my kids stats to my order!

I chose a teddy bear for Addison. Natalie used the fabric from a newborn dress Addison had worn and the hospital blanket we used when she was born.

All Photos by Lily Ro

For Austin, I went with a whale. I sent Natalie his hospital blanket as well and a baby blanket that we swaddled him in for months.

All photos by Lily Ro

These keepsakes turned out so cute! My kids love them too. Addison sleeps with her bear every night and she loves that it has her name on it.

All Photos by Lily Ro

I cannot wait to order these as gifts for the moms in my life!

Since I love these keepsakes so much, I asked Natalie to share with my friends! She has graciously offered 10% off on your order! Visit and enter code DEANNA at checkout.

Stitches by Natalie {Instagram: @stitchesbynatalie}

I hope you all love these as much as I do and enjoy your experience with Natalie as she creates a loving keepsake for your family!

Xoxo, DeAnna


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