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Our Kabook Obsession

Addison and Austin recently received these adorable Kabook book's to add to their collection! We read to the kids a lot so when these books showed up in the mail, they were so excited!

Amanda Pfau Photography

Both Addison and Austin received their own Wanted! book. It contains a photo of them in their own book and details about the things they like to eat, where they live, and who their best friend is! So adorable! I'm sure you saw my Instagram story of Addison's Uncle Michael reading her book to her with his especially awesome theatrics and British accent!

The kids love reading the book and seeing their photo inside and being part of the story. I think it's a super cute idea to get your kids involved in reading and enjoy reading as a family.

Amanda Pfau Photography

Amanda Pfau Photography

I loved these books so much that I ordered them for Addison's cousins and her best friends for Christmas this year! Definitely a cute gift idea if you need any last minute suggestions!

Amanda Pfau Photography

Head on over to to pick out your book and be sure to enter the code DEANNA25 for 25% off!

Merry Christmas y'all!



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