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Mama's Day OFF

I have to admit, when I don't get to go to work or get a break from my house and kids, I go crazy!

Bless my dear husband. He must be able to see my mom tantrum coming from a mile away. I start to get distant from him. I'm short tempered not just with him but sadly, with my kids too. I get bitter. I get resentful. I get overwhelmed. I get exhausted from the everyday routine of being a parent.

I hate this part of motherhood. On the outside, I feel like I should be keeping it together at all times. I strive to be the best mom to my dear babies. I work hard to make sure they brush their teeth, eat well balanced meals, they're entertained, get out doors to burn some energy, and don't overload on GoldFish...thanks Pepperidge Farm.

At the end of a long day, when both kids have thrown several tantrums, Austin has an ear infection, and Addison is expressing her 150th reason why she doesn't want anymore dinner but, she still has room for dessert....I'm tapped out. And imagine, I still have to make it through bath and bed time.

Last week, Stephen surprised me with a day off! I was so excited! I didn't want to bolt out of the door immediately in fear I may scare him and the children!

Stephen and my super cute babies, surprised me with breakfast in bed and a print out of my schedule for the day! I love a schedule! Especially when it involves all the things I like to do for once!

Stephen and I started our morning off with an extremely hard work out class. Whoof! Then I got to enjoy an HOUR LONG MASSAGE with my bestie and lunch!! My massage was amazing. I caught myself repeating in my head, "please don't be done yet, please don't be done yet"! The therapist was caught off guard when I grabbed her wrist and cried as she was leaving my room.

I spent the afternoon meandering around Home Goods and the new Nordstrom Rack in Santa Clarita with two other women that I love. Then, I got to shower.....ALL BY MYSELF! Women with kids, I know you understand why I had to type that in all caps.

To end my day, I enjoyed two, yes I said two, dirty martini's with my mother in law over a long dinner with nice, hot food!

This may seem so silly to some people. To me, it meant the world. I was so incredibly grateful to Stephen for not just giving me a break but, for recognizing that I needed one. Sometimes, my life feels like pure chaos. Driving one child to school, park dates, lunch time, nap time, clean up, cook dinner, feed said kids dinner, clean up again, bath, and then bed. Oh wait, I'm not done. Who am I kidding, there's laundry as well!

We need a break. Mom's are super hero's but, even super hero's take a break. I feel recharged. I'm a better wife and a better mom when I get to go to work and when I get a break to be selfish for once! You know what else I would love?! If we moms didn't have to feel guilty about that!

I would love to know what you do to give yourself a break? What fills you up and recharges you?

Please leave a comment. I love hearing from you all!



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24 abr 2018

Currently waiting for my daughter at practice reading this. Mom of 4 here. Love seeing how normal you are. ALL of those things are normal! We also all feel guilty for it. You got a great husband too, and are very very blessed. Sometimes I think about how hard it is to be a mom, but also how hard my hubs has to work to keep me sane lol. He's also amazing. Love that you started a blog also. Not sure why writing your thoughts down helps, but it does!!

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