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Holiday Appetizers

I popped into my local Vons store the other day for my weekly grocery shopping. Maybe I'm living under a rock, but I have never seen these Athen's Phyllo Shells! I love Phyllo dough, but it is so hard to work with. These cute little shells save me from that headache!

Photo by Amanda Pfau

These shells are perfect for the holiday season as you are trying to figure out which appetizers to take to a party. I have found that they work as cute breakfast bites for my kids also! As parents, it is funny the ways we start thinking just to get our kids to eat!

I used these little cuties for lunch one day also! I just grabbed a little pizza sauce, some mini pepperoni's, & some mozzarella cheese. BAM, pizza bites are served!

Photo by Amanda Pfau

Photo by Amanda Pfau

I love finding fun recipes to try as well as anything tiny and cute to serve food in! These little Athen's Phyllo Shells are adorable served as any appetizer or dessert. Here's a quick list of idea's that you can totally stuff into these shells...I promise you will look like a pro in your kitchen or as you carry them into your next dinner party!

Photo by Amanda Pfau

Photo by Amanda Pfau

Spinach & Artichoke bites

Sausage, Egg, & Cheese bites

Goat Cheese & Fig Jam bites

Pecan Pie bites

Caramelized Onion & Mascarpone bites

Chicken Salad bites

Tuna Salad bites

Taco Bites

Pizza Bites

Cajun Shrimp Bites with a dollop of guacamole

Baklava Bites

Chocolate Mouse bites

Brie & Candied Pecan bites

BLT bites

Caramelized Onion & Apple bites

Pulled Pork & Cheddar bites

I could go on and on with my ideas. I believe this list is endless! Be sure to let me know if I missed a good one here! Share photos and tag me on Instagram, @deannastag, if you decide to make these!




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