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Dry Shampoo Review

I am no beauty expert at all. As a matter of fact, I just discovered dry shampoo in the last year! It was a game changer! I'm just a mom who is too tired to wash her hair on the reg. I know you feel me.

I decided to get out into the real world and finally try dry shampoo. It's like I was sleeping under a rock for the last 37 years.

I scooped up 5 different cans to try. Go big or go they say.

All Photos by Amanda Pfau

I have never had to wash my hair every day. I used to wash my hair every other day. I was looking for a way to maximize that time frame and extend my unwashed hair because, let's be real, I just don't have time for it.

So, at the chance of possibly looking greasy for several days, I tried several different brands of dry shampoo. I'm here today to share my honest opinion.

Coconut Oil:

I really like this dry shampoo. It worked really well on my day 3 and day 4 dirty hair. It smells good and holds up well in my unwashed hair. My only complaint, I have to work real hard for my dark brown hair not to look white when using this product.

R + CO:

My best friend and hair stylist extraordinaire, Valerie Lewis, who works full time at Local Honey in Nashville, gave me this bottle of dry shampoo. She swore it would rock my world. It did! I love the way it smells. Sometimes I spray it in my day one hair just so my hair smells like the product. I feel like this product holds up well in my day 2 dirty hair and then I need something a little stronger for day 3 and 4. The nice thing about this product, I use it for so much more than dry shampoo. I spray it on my ends to add texture to my hair as well! Thanks Val!!


This was a good product as well. Even better, I bought it at Marshal's for a whopping $4.79. I hope you all know this about me by now but, I love feeling like I'm stealing without actually stealing! The scent of the one I bought was Light & Breezy Fresh. It smells delightful. I use this brand on my dirtiest hair day simply for the smell.


I love Chi products so when I tried the dry shampoo, I was a little disappointed. One perk, it was light. It did not weigh down my hair at all. My complaint, it leaked all in my suitcase while traveling for work. Arrrgggg. On the list of 5, this rank's as my personal least favorite.


I like this brand because they have several different scents. I chose the Lilac Breeze. I also saw they offer Rose Petal, Lavender Fields, and Cherry Blossom. The smell is light and not a strong perfume scent which I appreciated. It definitely leaves a white residue so you have to be sure to rub or pat it in on your scalp. I really liked this brand. It was one of my favorites to use on my unwashed day 3 and day 4 dirty do.

I hope this helps you all. I'm going to keep testing out different brands. Now I'm obsessed with seeing how long I can actually go without washing my hair.

If I begin to smell, please do not hesitate to tell me....




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