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Bonjour Paris

Ahhhh, Paris. I am truly grateful to be spending time in this beautiful city once again. See, the last time I was here, I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Addison. The time before that, I was fresh out of college and oblivious to my future as The Bachelorette. Each trip being so special and holding such great memories in different ways and different stages of my life.

For the first time in all of my travels, I haven’t rushed through this city. I have taken care to really enjoy the French culture, it’s every day beauty, and so much food. I truly believe the best way to enjoy a city is by its food. I have loved not rushing through a meal. Simply being able to enjoy a hot meal is a joy all in it’s own. ~MOM LIFE~ We Americans, we’re so busy. I am SO BUSY. Constantly rushing from one place to another or rushing through meals because next up is nap time or bath time or bed time. So, to slow my pace a little and enjoy my moments has been a blessing in itself.

I also learned so much on this trip to Paris. I have always loved history. It’s something Stephen and I have in common. I was able to explore more museums and churches. I spent more time learning the history about them. I also have a wonderful friend, Willlow, who moved to Paris a couple years ago and was so kind to answer my endless questions about the city and it’s culture. She also speaks French beautifully and it was so fun to hear her ordering for us at restaurants!

I have so much that I cannot wait to share with you guys! I’m just gathering my thoughts and organizing my photos! I have restaurant suggestions for you, tourist suggestions, and even museums to suggest that I hope will entice you to travel to Paris. After all, it is the most romantic city in the world!

Xo, DeAnna

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Willow Rossetti-Johnson
Willow Rossetti-Johnson
05 juin 2018

So sweet! Love this and our time together here xoxo

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