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Addison Stagliano is Turning 5

How many nicknames do you have for your kids?

Tiny, Tiny one, Tiny Pants, Sweetest One, Angel Face, Sister Bear, Addie, Addie Bear, Bunny Girl, Sister Pants, Angel Pie, Tiniest One, Best Good Cousin Buddy...those are just a few of the ones we call Addison on the daily.

I remember before she was born people would tell me, "Enjoy it. It will go by so fast". Goodness gracious, YOU WERE ALL RIGHT!

I cannot believe we are gearing up to celebrate Addison's 5th Birthday this weekend! We have a big celebration planned with lots of cool Unicorn stuff to party this little one right into her fifth year!

I let myself go full speed ahead down the rabbit hole the other night as I immersed myself in old photos of Addison and Austin. I sobbed like a baby!

My sweetest girl is so kind. So loving. So generous. So funny. So faithful. So thoughtful. So smart. So outgoing. So brave. So athletic. So polite. So beautiful.

Goodness, she makes me proud to be her mommy. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow into her own personality. I have loved watching her change over the past, almost five years...and seeing how she has changed me. It does seem like it has flown by but, I cannot wait to see Addison grow in her fifth year.

I love you my dear sweet girl. You have blessed me & daddy beyond measure. You have blessed our family and all those who know you. Happy Almost Birthday sweet girl. We love you!




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