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At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

I have been approached a lot to try different teeth whiteners. I have always declined because I didn't want to be known as "one of those who sells teeth whitener on Instagram". I've always been very picky about the brands and products I use and choose to endorse for myself and my family.

Most recently, Smile Brilliant reached out to me and offered to team up for the sake of my teeth. To be honest, I almost immediately replied with a "NO". Before I did, I took a moment to look at some photos to see if my teeth were in need of some TLC. After staring at photos with yellow looking chiclets, I ran to the bathroom to be sure of the status of my smile in bright light. Eeeekkk!

I have only ever whitened my teeth once in my lifetime...right before I went on The Bachelor TEN years ago! A lot of time has gone by drinking coffee every single morning and gulping red wine at night. My teeth are definitely a shade of yellow and not the pretty shade you wear in the fall.

My Smile Brilliant box arrived right to my front door. The first step was to make the mold for my custom-fitted whitening trays. Making the mold was pretty painless. The hardest part was the panic I felt mixing the catalyst paste and the base paste to make the mold in a hurry so that it didn't harden before I got my chompers into it. After you spread it out evenly on the tray that is provided, you press one mold up to your upper teeth. Hold it there for two and half minutes then remove it. Repeat with the other tray to your lower teeth. After both are made, you let them sit for 30 minutes, rinse them, let them dry completely, and then ship them back to Smile Brilliant so they can make your final custom trays.

I was honestly really excited when my custom teeth whitening trays arrived in the mail. Excited to start the process and see if it really worked.

I like these trays way better than the strips you buy at the store. I never felt like the strips covered the entire surface of my teeth. My custom trays allow me to whiten more than just 6 teeth.

I used each syringe sparingly. After reading the directions, it suggested to just put a thin line in the front of the trays for each session. Well, I'm a rule follower so that is exactly what I did. I managed to get more uses out of my syringes than the instructions suggested they would provide. Once my trays were ready and on my teeth, I set the timer! Smile Brilliant suggest 45 minutes to 3 hours. I started with 45 mins because I was nervous about the tooth sensitivity I would experience with the treatment.

I chose to do my treatments before bed because lets be honest, I'm a mom. I have little to no spare time for my own selfish desires during my babies waking hours! I started my whitening process with my bedtime routine. Trays in and then started my timer. After that I carried on with my regular nighttime routine of washing my face, folding laundry, etc. I usually waited out the rest of my timer binging Homecoming on Amazon Prime. Once the timer was done, quick rinse of my teeth with my toothbrush and then started the desensitizing treatment. I chose to do the full 20 minutes because I was petrified of the tooth sensitivity that comes along with teeth whitening.

Over all, this was a painless and easy process. I definitely noticed whiter teeth within the first 3 treatments. I never did a treatment every single night because I did experience a very slight tooth sensitivity the day after but, it was very mild. Well, all except that one night that I fell asleep during my treatment. I managed to leave my trays in for 3 hours on one of my first whitening sessions. What? Mama is TIRED! After that, I whitened my teeth every other night for about 2 weeks.

I am surprisingly very happy with the result. My teeth were not terribly bad to start with but, I can definitely see a difference! The below photo shows my teeth when I began and the bottom picture is my teeth after about two weeks.

Now, off for a glass of red wine. Drinking through a straw now that my teeth are sparkling again!

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